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Parikrama Treks of Nepal offer Nature based adventure holidays for active explores in Nepal – Trekking in Nepal Himalayas | Nepal Trekking Company | Local Trekking Agency in Nepal | Motorcycle tour Nepal

Trekking in Nepal Himalayas: Few destinations in the world offer the cultural and geographic diversity and potential for challenging, life-changing experiences as a journey through Nepal. Eight of the world’s ten highest peaks lie along its northern border forming the majestic Himalayan Mountain Range. Along its southern border is the lowland Terai, once densely covered by impenetrable jungle. This unique geography insulated Nepal and its capital city Kathmandu from foreign influences for centuries.

Since opening its borders in 1951, Nepal has experienced dramatic change. Yet the qualities that are inherently Nepalese endure – the intriguing beauty of the land, the unique art and architecture, the peaceful coexistence of Hinduism and Buddhism, and the charm and kindness of the people.

Enabling others to discover the natural beauty of Nepal is our goal at Parikrama Treks & Expeditions (P) Ltd, founded by Bal Kumar Basnet to promote Himalayan Adventure Tourism in Nepal and the bordering Himalayan Kingdom of Tibet & Bhutan.

Parikrama Treks now boasts of 17 years of organizing some of the most challenging Treks and Expedition in the Himalaya of Nepal, Tibet and India. Our specialty over hundreds of other trekking companies in Nepal is that we always try one step harder to do a good job to our clients.

During your journey, you’ll become intimately acquainted with the Nepalese culture and customs and form lifelong friendships. As with all of our adventures, Parikrama Treks will take care of all necessary arrangements, giving you ample time to explore and gain your own impressions of Nepal’s people, religions and culture. The abundant, captivating beauty of Nepal and its people will leave an indelible mark in your mind and in your heart.

Why Only Parikrama
Parikrama Treks& Expedition is a well established, reliable and competitively priced company that has been in operation for the last 16 years. During this period we have organized treks and expeditions for thousands of people from different parts of the world.

What makes us special is that we always try and go one step further to making sure that our clients receive the best treatment that can be offered. We also believe in doing our best for our staff and for the environment, areas that many other companies pay no attention to. We believe that this is why our clients come back time and again. It gives us great satisfaction that the majority of our business comes from the recommendations of past clients.

The company does not believe in cutting corners in order to look ‘cheap and competitive’. When you are out there in the hills and mountains, sometimes experiencing harsh conditions, it is our belief that you need to be comfortable, well fed and looked after by people who really care and we’re proud to say that we are one such company..

Experienced & Authorized
Parikrama Treks & Expeditions (P) Ltd was established by one of the most experienced and knowledgeable guide of Nepal. The PTE management has first hand experience about the ins and outs of every type of tour it operates. It is a government authorised agency, affiliated with TAAN (Trekking Agent’s Association of Nepal ), NMA ( Nepal mountaineering Association) & NTB (Nepal Tourism Board).

Trained and Knowledgeable Staff
The most valuable asset of  Parikrama Treks and Expedition is its well trained and knowledgeable Staff. They have been trained in reputed institutions and are licensed in their respective fields of expertise. They have a good command of English and few other foreign languages. They are professional, friendly and capable of handling any situation that arises during your trek.. In addition, they possess a sound knowledge of First Aid, including the prevention and treatment of altitude related problems which in fact is an added advantage for any of us on the mountain.

Parikrama Treks & Expedition plans and conducts custom planned trips that cater to client’s interest, time and budget. We operate special tours for children, student groups and seniors. Just let PT&E know your dreams. We will help you make those dreams come true!.

All our tentage has been carefully selected to not only protect you from the weather but also to accommodate you in comfort. Sherpas and porters are all provided with the necessary gear that they need to stay warm and dry when at high altitude.

Handling Emergencies
Parikrama Treks & Expeditions leaves no stone unturned for the safety of its clients. Being well prepared and well-informed/trained regarding potential problems, we believe that most difficulties in the field can be prevented. However, if faced with an emergency situation, we are also able to respond in an appropriate manner – arranging emergency treatment, evacuation or taking any other necessary action.

Hygienic Food
All PT&E cooks are well trained and very experienced at preparing both Western and Eastern dishes. People are amazed at the standard and variety of the cooking on trek and are often heard to say that it is better food than they get at home. Health and hygiene are also a major priority. We ensure that water is properly boiled and chemically treated The last thing that you want is an upset stomach spoiling your holiday.

Awareness and Preservation of nature
All at PT&E is committed to preserve the natural beauty to give it, in better condition, to the generations to come. Our staffs are educated and aware of the importance of preservation of our Eco-system for a healthy world. They are taught to dispose of garbage produced during the trip in proper manner to avoid an adverse affect on the environment. As said, ‘a healthy mind lives in a healthy body’, similarly’, ‘a healthy body can be comfortable only in a healthy environment. So we make sure to see that the environment is clean, protected and conserved by all in all means. Trekking in Nepal Walking Hiking in Nepal