Trekking Permit

In Nepal, there are different kinds of trekking permit as per the rules by the government. Every region has its own kind of Permit. The normal destination of Nepal has a normal permit. Such a destination includes popular trekking destinations. Whereas restricted areas need a special permit for one to get an entry. These areas include Mustang, Dolpo Manaslu.

For the entire major region, one needs to have TIM’s card and national park permits. A limited travel agent can get a special trekking permit for trekking in those areas.  Parikrama Treks also one of the agencies that can let you travel in this area.

Below is the list of cost one need to pay for trekking permit of restricted areas.

Kanchanjunga & Lower Dolpa:

US$ 10.00 per week per person

Upper Mustang & Upper Dolpa:

For 10 days: US$ 500.00
and after 10 days per day per person US$ 50.00

Gorkha District:

Sept. to Nov. per week per person US$ 70.00 and Afer 7 days per day per person US$ 10.00
Dec. to Aug. per week per person US$ 50.00 and after 7 days per day per person US$ 7.00


Sept. to Nov: US$ 70.00 per week and after 7 days per day per person US$ 10.00
Dec. to Aug: US$ 50.00 per week and after 7 days per day per person US$ 7.00

Chhekampar & Chunchet VDC (Sirdibas – Lokpa – Chumling – Chhekampar – Nile – Chhule Area):

September to November US$ 35.00 per person for the first 8 days
December to August US$ 25.00 per person for the first 8 days

Dolakpa District (Gauri Shankar & Lamabagar):

Per week per person US$ 10.00

Humla District (Simikot-Yari):

Areas of Limi and Muchu VDC, area way to Tibet via Tangekhola of Darma VDC.
First 7 days: US$ 50.00
After 7 days: US$ 7.00 per day per person

Notes: Travelers should apply from the registered travel agent for Group trekking permit. For the payment of the permit, one can use Nepalese currency.

Nepal Government also imposes some other trekking fees.

National Park fee

You need to pay a parking fee of RS. 3000 to enter a National Park or wildlife reserve. The fee is payable at the park entrance. Trekkers going to the Annapurna Region must pay a fee of RS 2000. SAARC national can pay NRS RS 100 which is payable only in Kathmandu or in Pokhara. The fee is later used for environmental conservation and maintenance of the area.